KUBAM is an Open Source Light-Weight Bare Metal Installer for Cisco UCS

KUBAM liquifies your bare metal so you can mold and modified to satisfy all your deepest darkest datacenter desires.

KUBAM is not affiliated nor supported by Cisco Systems but created by those who know, administer, run, and love Cisco UCS

There are two ways to get started with KUBAM. The community supported open source tool or an enterprise supported version with phone, email, and chat support all included from Castle Rock Data.

Open Source: $0

  • Documentation for using KUBAM to customize your environment
  • Github repository with code samples and instructions
  • Actively maintained with pull requests gladly accepted

Enterprise: $500/year per server

  • Same open source version of code
  • Updates from support are pushed to the main code base
  • Customized Bare Metal OS deployment solution
  • We work with your team to get it right
  • Includes Bare Metal Kubernetes Support
For more information

Make sure you have docker-compose installed first! Then run:

    curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CiscoUcs/KUBaM/master/docker-compose.yml 
    docker-compose up -d

Now open your web browser to your server on port 5000 and follow the menu to get your UCS dancing!

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